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At Certificate Templates for Kids, you'll find free and fun printable certificate templates for kids of all ages. From preschool and kindergarten to elementary school and beyond...show the kids that they did a great job with a custom certificate made just for them! Parents, coaches, teachers...this site is for you.

Printable, unique, and fun certificates and awards for kids using colorful and one of a kind certificate templates. We have printable certificate templates for your child's achievement in school as well as activities such as piano, bowling, and jump rope.  We also have sports certificate templates for your kids if they play soccer, football, baseball and basketball, birthday certificates to celebrate their special day.  We even have certificate templates for your Sunday school class and kids ministry such as your children's ministries events like Vacation Bible School (VBS), baptism or learning the books of the bible.  Got a best friend, sister or brother?  We have a best friend certificate as well as a best brother and best sister certificate.  We've made it simple and cool but best of all FREE! The kids will love these certificates and will be so proud of their accomplishment.

Parents, teachers, coaches, acknowledge your child's achievement by giving them a printable certificate. Your kids will feel like a SUPERSTAR! Everything on this site is free, easy to print and customizable! Download and use the certificate templates as many times as you like. After all, every child deserves to be recognized, time and time again.
How to Use This Site-It's easy!
1. Browse the different categories of Kids Certificate Templates
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3. Print on desired paper (use color printer for full effect)

4. Personalize your certificate template for your child




Don't see a printable certificate template you would like to print for your child?  LET US KNOW!  We're always looking to add more kids certificates on our site.